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Do you have problems with moss, lichen and algae growing on your roof surface?

Is your roof looking unsightly, dirty and grimy?

Are your guttering and downpipes always getting blocked?

Is there a solution to these problems?

Well I am here to tell you, yes there is, and we offer the best and safest method of roof cleaning in Nottingham.

Our soft washing roof cleaning service removes all the moss, lichen, algae, and all other biological growth on your roof surface, restoring your roof back to its former glory.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a gentle, pressure free alternative to using harsh power cleaning methods and harmful chemicals and brushes in cleaning your roof property. When we clean with a low pressure sprayer, the small droplets of water cause no harm to people or plants around the property being cleaned. With so many benefits from soft washing roofs, we are always surprised why more companies are not offering this service, and still use the old methods that can damage your roof tiles and structure. The main benefit from our superior soft washes is for sensitive mosses, mold, mildew and algae removal without damage to the roof structure itself. It’s also great at removing dirt, grime and the black streaks associated with roof mold. And, because you’re using very low pressure, it’s also much safer for your valuable roof, and landscaping around residential and commercial buildings.

Less damage to your roof with soft wash roof cleaning

If moss, lichen, and algae are allowed to grow on your roof’s surface they will eventually damage the surface causing expensive repairs. Your roof may leak resulting in costly water damage inside your house. Furthermore, algae eating away at shingles causes them to loosen and fall off sooner than normal. Moss between tiles causes them to slide around allowing even more water into areas where water should not be getting into.. If moss has grown over any vents then heat ventilation in your attic can be severely reduced, your air conditioning will not work as efficiently resulting in higher utility bills.

Soft wash roof cleaning with a chemical free solution will kill moss and lichen, loosen algae from the surface of tiles, and brighten all types of roofs including asphalt, concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate tiles, and metal roofs. It is also a good deterrent against these unwanted growths on brickwork, such as chimney stacks, cement works, and rendering.

A roof can last for years if it is properly maintained. Our goal is make sure you have a healthy, clean roof because a dirty roof will eventually lead to costly repairs or replacement. We want to ensure our customers get the best value from their investment in their homes by keeping them looking great with a properly maintained rooftop surface. By removing all growths from the exterior of your home, you save thousands in replacement costs and future maintenance needs because there will be no stains to hide once the growths are removed.

Moss, lichens and algae on roofs can lead to problems such as: leaks, rot, creates voids under the tiles, which leads to fascia boards rotting out and voids behind the surface board that may eventually come into contact with moisture and cause your roof’s plywood sheathing to rot away. There is also discoloration from unsightly staining caused by moss spores. The appearance of your roof will gradually deteriorate over the years and it becomes completely covered in vegetation, algae, or lichens. There are some mosses that can actually eat the protective surface off your tiles.

Soft washing is a process of using biodegradable detergents to clean roofs without damaging them with strong acids. It also means no ladders, scaffolds, pressure washers and hot water.

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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

The first question we always get asked is how much it costs to clean a roof in Derby. To be fair it’s not an easy answer without taking a look at your roof and the roof cleaning work involved, as there are so many things to consider beforehand.

The price of your roof clean will be assessed on a few points, such as, the difficulty to access the roof, how bad the infestation of moss, lichen and algae has become on your particular roof surface. But don’t worry as we offer a free consultation and free quotation, where we will discuss and explain the process, so you know exactly what to expect, the benefits, and the exact cost for the roof cleaning on your home. 

Below Is A Cost Guide On What To Expect On An Average Property

This will include the removal of roof moss, and soft wash biocide treatment, or steam cleaning with biocide soft wash treatment 

Bungalows start from around £550.00

2 to 3 bedroom house from about £650.00

3 to 4 bedroom house from about £750.00

4 bedroom plus house from about £900.00

Removing the moss from your roof.

First we remove all the roof surface pollutants and debris with our specially designed scrapers. We have multiple scraping tools at our disposal, depending which tiles you have, we will match the scraper to the contours of the roof surface for maximum effect! 

Cleaning the roof after the moss removal

Once all the moss has been removed, we then start to clean and apply the soft wash treatment. We apply the low pressure treatment with our specialist low pressure equipment that delivers the treatment over every part of the roof, and completely immerses the area with the biocide fungal wash, this eliminates the use of high pressure roof cleaning which i assure you is not the best method for cleaning roofs, as it can cause irreversible damage to your tiles surface, not to mention water ingress. Our method is much less invasive and no damage will occur to your roof. 

Once we have completed your roof cleaning and we are happy with the result, then we will remove all the moss, and loose debris from your guttering, and any other unwanted materials after the job has been done. All you will be left with is a nice clean roof that will stand proud in a street with dirty roofs! We have never had a customer disappointed in our roof cleaning service, I guarantee that you will be impressed with the final result of your roof surface, and how it makes your home look fantastic!

Roof repairs during the roof cleaning

While the roof cleaning process is in operation, we will take note of any roof repairs that may need attending to, and bring them to your attention. You have a choice if you want us to repair this roof damage, or leave until another time. We will always discuss with you prior to any repair work, nothing will be done without your consent. This could include broken tiles, ridge tiles, cement work, or anything we think could cause future problems.

How long does the roof treatment last?

This is a valid question that we get asked on a regular basis, and to be perfectly honest and transparent, it all depends on certain criteria, such as:

Where you live:

Is your house surrounded by trees, vegetation and other growth?

This can affect the speed of regrowth, and an estimation of 3 years before your roof would need to be cleaned and treated again.

Now if your home is in a more residential setting in a town suburb, the roof cleaning treatment may last a good 5 years before it starts to show signs of needing a roof clean and soft wash again. So on average 3 to 5 years. When searching for roofing company near me, we are your roofing contractor of choice.

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