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Your Derby Roofing Professionals for repair of roof damage and leaks.

Your roofing specialists at Derby Roofers offer roof repairs that will fix any damage or issue you may have with your roof immediately! The best part about professional repair services is the fact they often come at an affordable cost which saves you money down the line if done correctly.

Our Building Roof Repair Services

Roof repairs are required in situations such as the following

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Wind damage
  • Snowfall damage
  • Ice damage
  • Blocked gutters and downpipes
  • Gutter replacement/repair
  • Roof tiling installation
  • Chimney re-pointing
  • Missing slates of tiles
  • Damaged slates or tiles
  • Corroded metal roofing sheets (steel, aluminium or zinc)
  • Fascias and soffits replacement
  • Valley repairs/replacement
  • Leaks due to damaged or blocked gutters, fascias or downpipes.
  • Lead works involve replacing or repairing lead roofs, gutters and flashings that protect your home from water damage outside when it rains. Lead work is critical to keeping the elements out which can help increase the longevity of your residential property. 

We can help you find the right roofing options for your home such as: flat roofs, slate & clay tile roofing, metal roofing materials like zinc, aluminium, steel sheets, concrete tiles (terracotta), lead work and copper flashings.

We offer roofing repairs to commercial, residential or flat roofs for both homes and businesses. If you have any of the problems listed above then contact us today! We are your local roofers in Derby that can help with all of your roof repair needs.

Our professional team at Derby Roofers Inc. is available 24 hours a day so please don’t hesitate to call on our emergency support line if you need immediate assistance! Get back up and running as quickly as possible by calling  01332215222.

You can rely on us to give you the best roof repair service. We take our time to assess each roofing situation and then provide an accurate estimate based off of your needs!

Don’t forget that our company is fully insured which means you have nothing to lose by choosing us! Our team are highly qualified tradesmen who provide a first-class service every time. If you’re looking for affordable roof services in Derby then please get in touch!

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry so there is nothing we haven’t seen before when it comes to repairing roofs, gutters or chimneys. Our staff will ensure that all repairs are done properly while still being efficient with their workmanship! The combination of both ensures you get exactly what you need without having any issues whatsoever down the road. Derby Roofers are  equipped with safety equipment for every job site we enter into including scaffolding rentals! This provides added security for both our employees and you, the homeowner or business owner.

Every roofing repair is unique so we have a variety of options available to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish! This includes flat roofs as well as lead work which can be very expensive if not done properly by an experienced roofer in Derby. We specialize in all these areas including those listed above plus much more.

As always, feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding roofing or otherwise related to the industry because we enjoy people find solutions that are going to work out the best for them.

If you’re looking for a roofing company in Derby or surrounding areas or searching or roofers near me, we can help! As flat roofers and lead work experts our services are available to homeowners and business owners alike so give us a call today at 01332215222! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Derby Roofers is Your Expert in Residential, Commercial and Flat Roofs (we are flat roof specialists). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information of a free consultation or a no-obligation quote!

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General Questions on Roof Repair Services

How much should a roof repair cost in the UK?

In Derbyshire, roof repairs cost depends on the type of damage that needs to be fixed. If the roof is leaking then it will cost more than a problem that can simply repaired with some patching and reshingling. It is difficult to give an exact figure since the size and design of every roof is different, this gives you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for installation or repair work. The most expensive part of your project will be the actual shingles themselves – but there are many other factors that affect how much your new roof will cost including

  • Size of the affected area 
  • Number of layers involved 
  • Location (roof pitch)

Also consider if more than one type plywood sheathing might be used in order to achieve greater strength and resistance

Can you repair a roof without replacing it?

Roofs can be repaired without replacement provided that the damage is not extensive. Repairing a roof may involve removing loose or cracked shingles, replacing broken boards or damaged/clogged guttering and fixing leaks. Replacing missing shingles is recommended. While repairing a roof may extend the life of your current roof, it also typically costs more than simply installing a new one because you must completely remove and dispose of existing materials before installation.

Can I do my own repairs?

Roof repair work such as replacing shingles, fixing leaks or applying sealant should always be done by professionals who are experienced in working on roofs of different materials including metal, asphalt/fiberglass, cedar wood shake, slate tiles and guttering.

Can roof leaks be fixed?

Roof leaks can be fixed utilizing a variety of methods. Repairing roof leaks can be a pretty simple job, however we make sure we are using the most suitable materials for your particular type of roof.

Can you repair an old roof?

Repairing old roofs requires skill and experience to ensure we get the job done right. We’ll apply new finishing coatings and underlay systems to restore your roofing system’s integrity, performance and appearance while preserving its warranty. Typically roof ridge caps, guttering, fascias and soffits may need replacement.

Can I do my own repairs?

No; this should always be carried out by professionals with experience working on roofs of different materials. It may seem attractive and simple to perform by yourself but it is a very complicated task, which can result in further damage to your roof and serious injuries.

Do I need a permit when doing rooftop repairs?

Roof repairs do not usually require permits but it’s always best to check with local building authorities before starting any project just in case they’ve got some additional requirements for specific circumstances.

How do I make my roof leak proof?

Leak proof roofs are the result of a combination of different factors such as proper installation, materials and quality. This means that there’s no single way to make your roof leak proof but you can achieve it by hiring a professional contractor who knows what needs to be done in order to prevent all types of leaks from happening again. This includes proper installation of roofing ancilliaries such as guttering, fascias and soffits.

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