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Roof Survey and Report

A roof report is a document describing the condition of a commercial or residential property’s roof. The commercial properties that require a roof report vary from those for small businesses to those needing large facilities. Residential properties typically need a roof report as part of standard property purchases and refinance transactions. A roof survey is an inspection of a commercial property’s roof with the intention on reporting any issues. Roof reports can be prepared by an experienced property surveyor or engineer, whereas a roof survey must have been carried out by someone who has been inspected by RICS or Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) or Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

The person writing the report should ideally make recommendations on how to fix problems found, but this is not always possible. If the surveyor is not familiar with how to fix the problems they must advise on whom may be best to contact and whether repairs would need planning permission.

Mortgage lenders will typically require a full engineering inspection and survey by a suitably qualified engineer before advancing any money onto the property. This report must state existing defects and advise on what future work is required. The full report will also include a section describing the building in general to help the lender decide if they wish to proceed with lending.

A roof survey or inspection typically covers a number of aspects: common parts, chimneys, roofs, windows and doors.

Roof leaks can be caused by a number of factors but often occur when there is an absence of proper roof maintenance over time allowing minor problems to become larger problems that ultimately cause further damage such as water ingress through the walls. Some causes may include:

Suggested remedies for identifying and resolving roofing issues are outlined below:

The importance of having a clear budget before undertaking any work cannot be overstated. The budget should not only cover the cost of repairs but also contingency, which could include further remedial works or replacing a section of the roof requiring replacement.

Typically a roof report will provide advice and guidance on items that require attention and may help to inform design proposals for improvements such as:

A roof survey is an assessment of property regarding its structure including any defects in the exterior walls, roofs, windows and doors. Properties can be valued based upon their overall condition using this information to inform about how much money may need to be spent on repairing issues identified during the inspection. A roofing consultant will usually report if there are any problems with the roof and provide recommendations for resolving them directly advising additional services such as surveys and quotations.

Preserving and prolonging the life of a property is often one of the primary goals for any homeowner. A rooftop survey can provide important information about an existing building, which may be used in many ways such as:

A roof surveyor checks the safety and condition of roofs on residential properties across all types including flats, houses and bungalows. Roof surveys are required when purchasing a property to check repairs needed. They will inform you about costs involved if maintenance needs to be carried out soon after purchase or whether parts need replacing at some point in the future and estimates for funding this work themselves. With new buildings, a building specification report (BSR) is created by an architect prior to construction taking place that documents the layout of a building. A roof surveyor will check to make sure the specification matches the actual construction and recommend any changes needed before completion to avoid future problems such as leaks.

As part of a roof survey, the following information is collected:

If you need help with your roof or require a free quotation for repairs please use our Derby Roofers online form for an immediate response to your enquiry. Roof surveys are carried out across all Derby and surrounding areas.

Roof surveys are useful in the following situations:

Roof survey

A roof survey can prevent problems with your roof later on, protecting your home and saving you money. If you need work done on your roof, it’s usually best to find out what’s wrong first; if there is something dangerous like a loose slate or tile that needs fixing straight away then you’ll want to know about it before somebody lands on it. When carrying out a roof survey our staff will take note of any damaged areas they see and give advice as to the best course of action for each problem. We will also check to make sure there aren’t any issues developing which could lead to major damage later down the line. Our roofing contractors carry out roof surveys as part of an annual report.

Most people who rent or live in flats don’t know much about their roofs, but this isn’t surprising; you aren’t expected to fix your flat roof! The same can be said of homeowners who have had their home for a while and never had reason to consider the state of the roof under all that slate or tiles. As it turns out, there are more people who should know about what’s going on with the roof than those that do – landlords should also get their roofs checked regularly by professionals. One area which is often overlooked when checking a building is the condition of the guttering and downpipes; these are important parts of any drainage system and they need to be kept clean and clear of blockages to ensure the water flow is unrestricted. Many people try and fix their own guttering problems but this can lead to costly mistakes (and, even worse, further damage) if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The first step in checking your roof should be an on-site visit; we here at Roofers Derby offer a service which comes in and assesses the entire building and reports its findings, giving you a full analysis of any potential issues which might need attending to in the future. As mentioned above, it’s important that any work carried out on roofs or guttering is done properly; if not it could end up costing more than simply getting professionals to complete the job for you! Although it may sound like a daunting task to get up there and find the place where all your water damage is originating from, it’s actually really quite simple to do. All you need is a ladder and someone to help steady you while you’re working.

If you think that the tower block of flats which you live in would be too high for safe use of ladders (never attempt this without proper guidance from people who know what they are doing) then we can come onto-site with our industrial height platform – giving us easy access to every part of your roof so we can work out exactly where any problems lie. In some cases, such as when parts of the structure may have been damaged, pre-existing faults might not be visible unless viewed from a certain angle.

In some cases we may have to use a drone for roof inspections, but this is often not the case – and will be mentioned in our initial phone call if the problem is too difficult to assess using just a ladder. On larger projects such as with housing associations, we will need access to a lift (such as an external service lift) in order to reach elevated parts of roofs which cannot be accessed by foot on ladders.

If you’d like us to carry out a roof survey or structural report for your home or workplace (including churches), please do give us a call and we will provide you with all the information you require. We can also supply detailed survey reports suitable for insurance claims purposes; these reports carry full structural warranties and can be used as evidence for any disputes you may need to send to the insurance company.


Survey Reports for Insurance Claims

We offer a survey report service for insurance claims, the fully comprehensive structural warranty we provide should be able to stand up against any disagreements that might arise during the first and final claim periods and should also cover your legal liabilities (e.g. if someone were to fall off your roof). Our survey reports carry full warranties which will stand up in court if needed; they are suitable for both first party claims or third party claims. They can include photographs, drawings and other site information as well as recommendations as necessary.

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