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Fascias & Soffits

Our service around fascias and soffits include

  • fascias and soffits installation
  • fascias and soffits replacment
  • fascias and soffits repairs

Fascias & Soffits Fascias are boards that cover the edge where two pieces of cladding meet such as tiles or metal sheeting in order to create smooth lines between different sections as walls and gable ends. Fascias are necessary in roof installation because they provide the finishing touch to your roof, while also protecting it. Fascias are usually made of wood or aluminium and can be stained or painted in various colours depending on personal preferences.

Fascia boards are a roofing element that seals the interior of your home from exposure to harsh UK weather. They also support guttering and rafters at eaves level, while giving a clean finish on top of exposed rafters. There are two kinds: wooden or uPVC (plastic). Wooden ones require maintenance but give an in-keeping appearance for period properties; however, they do not last as long compared to plastic options which work better for modern homes.

Soffits are the board that covers a roof edge to conceal it. They also add more support for gutters and offer protection from weather elements such as rain, wind etc. Soffit boards cover the underside of a roof deck by protruding past vertical surfaces (walls) creating an opening for ventilation; this is called an “eave” which extends out from under eaves. The soffit keeps rainwater away from walls, reduces wind resistance & noise above openings giving you peace and quiet inside your home. They come in many different styles including uPVC, timber & metal sheeting that can easily be cut into any design required with either hand tools or power saws.

The installation of uPVC Fascia & Soffits can provide the all-around protection you need with very little maintenance involved. You could just wipe it clean and there is no risk of rot, unlike wooden alternatives that might attract insects over time. The price varies by style and color but they do not require regular painting like those made from wood so this will save you money in the long run as well..

Velux ® Windows 

Roof windows are the perfect choice if you want to maximize natural light, as well as a full view of your skyline. You can use them on both flat and sloped roofs without compromising vision – they have such variety that it’s hard not to find something suitable for any type or size of roof! VELUX roof windows are designed for all sorts of flat roofs and sloped roofs. You can create the perfect house extension and then the addition of these windows can be installed to fit your vision.

Roof Lanterns 

If you want to brighten up your room and add a stylish focal point, then consider installing a roof lantern. These contemporary roof lights are designed for flat roofs, Lanterns will provide huge amounts of natural light into the space by acting as a prism of natural lighting, making rooms feel brighter and bigger than before. There is an extensive range available such as Slimline Rooflights or Traditional Roof Lights which not only create great features but also look amazing too! We only supply and install from high-quality brands, so just let us know what kind of lighting area you need in order to enjoy these benefits yourself.

Barge boards

Barge boards are a protective board that is placed on the edge of a roof where it meets another surface such as an outer wall. Bargeboards provide extra protection from rain, wind and general weather elements making your home or business more secure during these conditions.


Cladding is wooden boards or other materials that are attached to the outside of a building. They can also be used on the inside as well so your home will look better from both sides! Cladding is available in many different colours, styles and designs including uPVC & timber.

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